Portland + Seattle (Pacific Northwest Landscape Photographer)

I love Portland. Thankfully, my best friend lives there and I can visit her whenever I want now that I'm back on the west coast! We made a quick trip up to Seattle on one of my recent trips up north...and we managed to find farmers markets in both cities! I also fell in love with a maple spice latte at Sisters Coffee...I want to learn how to recreate that magical cup o' joe.  

Peru (South America Landscape Photographer)

My mother was born and raised in Lima, Peru and last summer I had the opportunity to accompany her on a reunion trip to South America. She and I stole away for a weekend and visited Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Urubamba) and Machu Picchu. It was definitely one of my most favorite and memorable trips. Here are just a few shots...I'm backlogged on all of my editing, so this was a delight to process :)

Goodbye, New York City.

After over 4 years in this amazing city...it is time to say goodbye. There are so many memories in the buildings, streets, parks, and subways, that it's hard to imagine anywhere greater than NYC.

Coney Island (NYC Landscape Photographer)

In my 5 years in NYC, I never made it to Coney Island. I knew that this was one iconic New York spot that I couldn't miss, so I grabbed a friend, and set off for  a few hours. We went to the aquarium, though they didn't have polar bears, their jellyfish sufficed for me. We went to the Original Nathan's Hot Dogs...and cruised the boardwalk. It was definitely a life experience, the people, the sounds, the sights...everything.

South America (Landscape Photographer)

It's Spring Break for NYC public schools, so I did what any other school child would do...go to the movies. And, indeed, it is what EVERY school child and their mom did. Granted, I went and saw the new animated movie, Rio, where the average audience age was 6 at my theater. I sat in the back row, laughed throughout the movie...alone, and reminisced over my trip to Rio and South America a couple of years ago. I am constantly amazed by digital animation and its ability to capture the true essence of a place. After getting home from that movie, I decided to go through my 2,000 photos of Argentina and Brazil, and re-edit and downsize them. This is what it came down to, a collaboration of my family's cameras and a mixture of the sights. Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Cristo, Sugar Loaf, Bariloche, Buenos Aires, El Calafate...the list goes on.


New York Scenery (NYC Landscape Photographer)

My apartment view is of the reservoir in Central Park...since I face East, I get to see the sunrise every morning. This is both a good and bad thing, the good thing is that it's always breathtakingly beautiful, the bad part is, I'm waking up around 6 am. When I am not in a rush to work, I stop, recognize how lucky I am, and then shoot a few photos. These are some of the stockpiled photos I have taken in the past few weeks...


Bumble & Bumble (NYC Portrait and Fashion Photographer)

A few days ago, I got the opportunity to photograph a hair presentation at Bumble & Bumble's huge downtown location. Bumble & Bumble hairstylist, Tashina Tantalos, had to give her final presentation to a huge audience of acclaimed hairstylist and peers. When Tashina and I spoke before the shoot, she informed me that her theme would be "hippie, psychadelic, seance..." three adjectives I would not normally use in the same sentence, so I was eager to see what she had planned. She had four models, all displaying a unique hair style and ensemble. I love these shots, I think of old school psychadelic glamour when I see them. Thanks Tashina for having me document your special day!