Traveling Hearts Society :: Joshua Tree Landscape Photographer

I recently went on another Traveling Hearts Society trip. We went to Palm Springs, and had such a blast. These trips are intended to relax, have fun, and bond...all of which we did :) I went on a mini-trip to Joshua Tree with a few of the ladies, and though it was absolutely freeeeeezing, Em and Megan powered through it and modeled. I had never been to Joshua Tree, so it was pretty special driving through it and admiring all of California's natural beauty. I am an avid landscape photographer, and this spot was definitely one of my favorites I've visited, I can't wait to go back...this time when it's not 40 degrees! I shot mostly film, but there are a few digitals mixed in. Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0255.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0250.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0251.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0254.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0253.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0237.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0236.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0252.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0246.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0247.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0243.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0238.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0244.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0248.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0245.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0242.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0239.jpg

For those that don't know...I started my own camera strap line. Cinta is a 100% leather, super comfortable strap line made for use with film and digital cameras. Online store coming this spring. Thank you Megan for modeling for me!

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0240.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0241.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0249.jpg