Travels :: Sardinia, Italy

My first real vacation of the year was in September. I visited Sardinia, Italy and then made my way over to Spain for my cousin's wedding. I shot mostly film on this trip, threw in a few digital when I had to, but overall, I can say that Sardinia is a very photogenic island. The mixture of classic Italian foliage with desert-like blooms was overwhelming. And the light, oh the light. I only wish I had models to place in the shots because that would be real love right there. All film processed by RPL. You can purchase prints HERE.

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0137

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0136

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0135

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0134

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0133

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0132

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0131

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0130

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0129

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0128

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0127

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0126

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0125

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0124

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0123

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0122

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0121

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0120

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0119

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0118

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0117

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0116

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0115

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0114

You can purchase prints HERE.

Tory & Family :: Orange County Family Photographer

Tory and her family modeled for FIND LA at the Griffith Observatory a couple of months ago. She is also a film photographer and her family made my job so easy  with all of their brightly colored clothing. Lu and Pierce are pretty much the cutest kids around. Such amazing little models! FIND-8_lifestyle.jpg

FIND-46_lifestyle.jpg FIND-107_lifestyle.jpg FIND-47_lifestyle.jpg FIND-49_lifestyle.jpg FIND-81_lifestyle.jpg

Rachel Thurston + Family :: Orange County Maternity Photographer

It's quite intimidating photographing another photographer, especially someone I highly respect as a film photographer! Rachel and her family modeled for FIND LA a few weeks ago. Her adorable daughter, Nova, stole all of our hearts. Rachel is expecting a baby boy in a couple of weeks, so it was really nice getting to capture some moments of their family while they are still three. Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0262.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0263.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0264.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0265.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0266.jpg

Mike + Brit :: Orange County Wedding Photographer

Mike and Brit were models for the FIND LA workshop I attended in January. They were gracious enough to model in their wedding attire, everything about their portraits was perfect. The light was incredible -- and how cool do they look? I just love the look of film, it truly captures the colors of the day. Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0257.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0261.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0256.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0258.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0259.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0260.jpg

Traveling Hearts Society :: Joshua Tree Landscape Photographer

I recently went on another Traveling Hearts Society trip. We went to Palm Springs, and had such a blast. These trips are intended to relax, have fun, and bond...all of which we did :) I went on a mini-trip to Joshua Tree with a few of the ladies, and though it was absolutely freeeeeezing, Em and Megan powered through it and modeled. I had never been to Joshua Tree, so it was pretty special driving through it and admiring all of California's natural beauty. I am an avid landscape photographer, and this spot was definitely one of my favorites I've visited, I can't wait to go back...this time when it's not 40 degrees! I shot mostly film, but there are a few digitals mixed in. Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0255.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0250.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0251.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0254.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0253.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0237.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0236.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0252.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0246.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0247.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0243.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0238.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0244.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0248.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0245.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0242.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0239.jpg

For those that don't know...I started my own camera strap line. Cinta is a 100% leather, super comfortable strap line made for use with film and digital cameras. Online store coming this spring. Thank you Megan for modeling for me!

Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0240.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0241.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0249.jpg

FIND Los Angeles :: Testimonial

As a photographer who recently discovered the wonders of film photography, I wanted to learn from someone who would teach it to me straight. I have done a few mentor sessions with film photographers that I respect and admire, but Jonathan Canlas was the recurring name that popped up as the go-to in the film world. He's a film guru and wrote one of the better books on film I've seen. I read Film Is Not Dead cover to cover and followed Jon Canlas' formspring feed, but still needed the hands on experience. When his LA workshop was announced, I pounced. Never has such an experience made such a huge difference in my life and business. The three days spent with Jonathan, learning, watching, listening, and experiencing all that he has to offer...well that's a once in a lifetime opportunity. This guy is the real deal. There are no egos, just support, and advice and as much information as you want to get out of him. He is literally an open book. I learned more about myself and who I want to be in the photography world in three days, than I knew about myself in the last 5 years. Thank you for helping me uncover my "why," Canlas. I have a ton of images to blog from this workshop, but for now, these two were taken at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Processed at the FIND Lab. Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0222.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0223.jpg

Earthy Film Shoot :: Orange County Portrait Photographer

They say practice makes perfect. So, I listened. I have been practicing my film skills on anyone who will model for me, and this time, I decided to make it a bit more fun. Since I was leaving San Francisco, I decided to do a session on Baker Beach, and enlisted the help of Juna for some fun floral arrangements. I had a vision of what I wanted the shoot to look like, and with a quick trip to Forever21, my ideas became reality. The trees in the Presidio are really quite spectacular. I think I could shoot in them any day, they provide just the right combination of earthiness and moodiness to a shoot. I figured it would lend well to film photography, and I was right. Thank you to the lovely Leona for modeling. She was a trooper in the frigid weather and even got her feet wet. Jewelry & Apparel: Forever 21

Floral Arrangements: Junalene of Cup Full of Flowers

Film Processing: ProPhoto Connection

Contax 645 // Portra 800 & Tri-X 400

I did shoot a few frames with my digital really is amazing to see the difference!


Traveling Hearts :: Orange County Film Photographer

This year, I had the total honor of participating in my first A Traveling Heart trip in Santa Ynez. These 12 amazing female photographers are some of the kindest, and most inspiring, women I have ever known. We didn't shoot much this trip, but I took some film on the last day. You ladies complete me. Thank you, thank you for opening your hearts to me.

contax 645//eos-3// ektar 100, portra 400, hp5

Elika Sadeghi (steakNstiffarms) :: Orange County Portrait Photographer

Elika is the sports writer best known on Twitter as steakNstiffarms and most recently for being a panelist on the Jim Rome show, Rome, on CBS Sports 6 times! She is the easiest model to work with, and she humored me by letting me shoot some film on the beach.

elika sadeghi

Film and the Bay :: San Francisco Portrait Photographer

I feel so blessed to have been able to transition into full time photography and to have met so many amazing photographers. Megan and Mary came to visit a few weeks ago, so I made sure to take them to some of my favorite spots in San Francisco. We started our day at Brenda's, amazing beignets to power us through the day. I wanted to shoot only film throughout the day, and am still so excited by the results! Our next stop were the Sutro Baths because they are so fun to shoot around, they're bordered by the petrified forrest (I made that part up, but the trees do look scared), and the weather is always a mystery until you get there. Lastly, we headed to Tartine for some pastries, a rendezvous in Dolores Park with Gladys, and then a quick tour of the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park. All in all, a very successful day in the city by the bay.