San Francisco Landscape Photographer :: Muir Woods National Park

I love nature, and hiking Muir Woods has been on my to-do list since moving to San Francisco last year. I finally made it out there, and on the perfect day. I love the way the sun shines through the trees and provides just enough light to illuminate the paths. I love shooting landscapes, most of my landscape photography is for sale, and Muir Woods was just the spot to satisfy my craving for the outdoors.

Muir Woods National Park

One of my favorite images from the day.

Muir Woods National Park

Fall Foliage (New York Landscape Photographer)

Fall in NYC is my favorite time of year. So much so, that I actually flew out to NY to photograph the leaves...among other things, of course. Most of these were taken during a 7am stroll through the park with some late afternoon and city life scattered throughout. Next fall, make sure you attempt to make it out to really is magical!

Mentor Session (San Francisco Portrait Photographer)

Last week, I was in Michigan for a work conference, and all the stars aligned so that I could spend a few hours with Jill DeVries. Jill and I first met in April, when she and a group of lovely wedding photographers stayed with me in New York City. Now that I've moved to San Francisco, I'm lucky enough that the same group of women are going to be here next week :) Grand Rapids, Michigan is absolutely stunning in the fall. I was so excited to be there and especially to have a mentor session with one of my inspirations. Jill was amazing and had already planned for her roommate to model for us with her boyfriend. It was perfect. How cool is that old school gas station?! And the leaves...I die.

Alta Plaza Park (San Francisco Landscape Photographer)

I got a Lensbaby Composer  last year, and never really got a chance to experiment with it...until today. I am fortunate to live a block from Alta Plaza Park which has some of the best views of SF. The Lensbaby is a bit like a tiltshift in the sense that it is manually focused on a certain point, and then blurs the background to create circular bokeh. I had a lot of fun with it once I got the knack for focusing the ring. I am pretty happy with the shots I got, and will definitely be trying to incorporate it more into my photography.