South America (Landscape Photographer)

It's Spring Break for NYC public schools, so I did what any other school child would do...go to the movies. And, indeed, it is what EVERY school child and their mom did. Granted, I went and saw the new animated movie, Rio, where the average audience age was 6 at my theater. I sat in the back row, laughed throughout the movie...alone, and reminisced over my trip to Rio and South America a couple of years ago. I am constantly amazed by digital animation and its ability to capture the true essence of a place. After getting home from that movie, I decided to go through my 2,000 photos of Argentina and Brazil, and re-edit and downsize them. This is what it came down to, a collaboration of my family's cameras and a mixture of the sights. Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, Cristo, Sugar Loaf, Bariloche, Buenos Aires, El Calafate...the list goes on.