Shaina + Andrew :: New York City Maternity Photographer

The stars aligned when Shaina asked me to shoot her maternity session. We were originally going to be shooting in her hometown of Orange County, but when she found out I'd be in New York the weekend before, we managed to squeeze in a time for photos. It was marathon Sunday, and the park was jammed with people and barricades. It took a bit of teamwork to find a meeting spot since we were coming from opposite ends of the park. We made ourselves at home in the Ramble. It was just before sunset, and the light was peaking through the trees. Such a perfect afternoon. Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0463.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0466.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0465.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0464.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0462.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0461.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0460.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0456.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0458.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0457.jpg Ariane Moshayedi Photography_0459.jpg