Cinta :: Orange County Photographer

Cinta (sin-ta): crafted with purpose to bring you comfort, function & style. The name Cinta means "love" in Indonesian, "belt" in Spanish, and "hyacinth" in Greek. Cinta is a name so full of culture and personal meaning that when it came up during a brainstorming meeting, it just clicked.

Cinta has been my baby for the past year. I'm still in shock that my simple idea has materialized into an amazing reality. Last summer, during wedding season, I found myself wondering why I didn't have a camera strap that was not only functional, but stylish and comfortable as well. I thought a lot about what I wanted in a strap, drew up some sketches, and asked questions of friends in the apparel industry. It came down to having a sketch, finding materials, and getting a prototype made.

I am proud to present my first style, this 1-inch leather strap is adjustable and has a shoulder pad for added comfort. Straps are available in three colors and expertly hand-crafted in Los Angeles.



I have a few other designs up my sleeve, but for now...I am just incredibly excited about Cinta's debut! Check out the Cinta online store  & Facebook page! Every two weeks a photographer will be featured on the Cinta if you have any favorite photos using your Cinta strap, send them in and you might just be showcased!

HUGE Thank yous are in order to some amazing people who supported me throughout this entire process:

First, a big thank you to my lovely graphic designer, Jenny Ambrose. I have worked with Jenny for the last 2 years on branding for my photography business, and when I had the idea for Cinta, Jenny was the first person I contacted. She is amazing to work with, and I couldn't speak more highly of her!

Dustin Davis, you're a rockstar. Dustin was referred to me by Kristy Behrs of Wreckless Creative (who did my website/blog design). Dustin was a dream to work with and took our design ideas and made the Cinta storefront a reality. I am so impressed by his talents and recommend him to anyone in need of some master coding and design!

Ala Cortez...ahhh...I love you!!! Thank you for shooting the lookbook for me! I am so lucky to call you a friend! And to my lovely models, Megan, Adam and three killed it for me! Hope you like seeing your faces everywhere now :)

My wickedly talented cousin, Kevin, who really showed me the ropes early on in the process. I would not have come this far without your help!

And, Vinnie Finn, for shooting all of the product shots for me! You have been amazing throughout this process, and I totally appreciate all of the work you did!