A BRAND New Me! :: Orange County Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Well, here it is, a BRAND new me! This process has been months in the making and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share it with all of you. Make sure to update your feeds!


I've never shared my story on my blog before, so allow me to take a minute to tell you a bit more about myself and why I decided to become a photographer. After attending college in California, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in education. I was fortunate to receive a position at a school teaching 6/7th grade in the city and couldn't imagine anything better. After that year, I realized I loved talking to my students, understanding their passions and dreams, and became energized by their enthusiasm. Instead of pursuing a teaching credential, I decided to pursue a degree in social work with an emphasis in school social work. I got my masters and was able to work at two incredibly life-changing (for me) high schools. Though it was a great accomplishment, I wasn't completely fulfilled, and decided to pursue another masters, this time in educational leadership with an emphasis in becoming a school leader. My dream was to be the principal of my old elementary school (ironically, that position became available this year). So, I did it. I got a second masters and was feeling like I could conquer anything. I worked for a couple more years in schools and then decided it was time to come back to California.

I took a risk. A huge risk. I decided to pause my career in education and pursue my love for photography full-time. I still have a deep-rooted passion for education and working with students; teaching them and listening to their stories will always fuel me. It was during my internships as a social worker that I really started using photography as a creative outlet. I have worked with students who lived more in their adolescent years than I have in my adult life. In social work school we learned one of the first rules of therapy: "you can't take it with you..." but, I did. I let it show in my photographs. And even today, every photo I make, I owe my perspective to those students who completely changed my life.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by the most positive network of photographers - all of whom I am a huge fan of. I am so honored to call many of you my friends, and am grateful that I can share a piece of me with you through my work.

Now, on to the site :)

My inspiration was to make my personality come to life. I wanted my site and branding to feel mellow and airy (like my name) with pops of color throughout. I worked with the fantabulous Jenny Ambrose on my branding, and she accomplished my vision of ocean-inspired, anthropologie style patterns. The mermaid style fish scale is probably my favorite part of my brand. While we were brainstorming I tried to think of something outside the box, and when mermaid tails came to mind, Jenny made them feminine and beautiful with her watercolor talent. The "A" of my logo she made using my actual signature - I love that there are so many elements that are personal to me. She is literally a dream to work with and I love this woman. I highly recommend her for any design work you may need!

Once I had all of my branding finished it was a matter of figuring out how to incorporate it into my website and blog. At the time, it just didn’t look or feel like me when I tried to implement it, so I contacted Kristy Behrs of Wreckless Creative. Kristy has helped me with my site design before, so she definitely understood what I was trying to achieve. She suggested a fresh new blogsite that would combine all of what I wanted out of a site. After sending me a first draft, I was speechless. She just took what I imagined and put it to life. Sometimes, you have to put trust in others and let them show you what they do best. You know how people say, "you will never see yourself the way I see you?" well, she saw my brand and showed me how it could be even more beautiful. And, I love her for it. She took parts of my branding and designed my site and blog to really reflect who I am without overpowering the layout or design. I'm just giddy about it all!

A special thank you to Jill DeVries for my about photo.

You can view my portfolio on the main site. You’ll also notice there’s a Fine Art tab; this is where I have my landscape photography for purchase. I never had a seamless and easy way for people to purchase my work, and now, I do! It’s clean and easy and I will continue to update it regularly. I will use my old blog to post updates.

Lastly, I just want to formally announce that I have relocated to Orange County, California. After 9 years of living away from home, I am coming back to my roots! Although, my home is now Southern California, I am still available for travel - and love to do so :)

I have a few spots left for my fall mini-sessions, please contact me if you’d like to schedule one! Locations in San Francisco, Orange County, and New York!